Professional Photographer and Photobook Creator : 0795 512 4000

My professional photography life began when I was offered a job as a trainee press photographer in the late 1970s, and since then I have loved seeing my photographs published. Today I create social documentary projects and create photobooks and zines to publish them in. I also deliver talks and workshops to help others get involved in making their own, or to join in with the collaborative photobook projects I organise.

I also get involved with the Royal Photographic Society and run one of their busiest regions, The East Midlands Region and get involved in delivering workshops for them all over the country. In 2021 they awarded me their Fenton Medal and made me a Life Member.


Stewart is the founder of  FutureHeritage who publish photobooks as time capsules that hold the essence of our present, like windows to the past.

At FutureHeritage we believe that by capturing the moments of today in our photobooks, we’re creating a treasure trove of insights for future generations to discover and cherish. Stewart’s students often have their work published in the books.