A Week in Bridlington with a Brace of Fuji X

Discovering The Fuji X100VI and the Fuji X-T50

Had a great week at Bridlington last week. I took the new Fuji X100VI and Fuji X-T50, along with an 8mm, a 30mm macro, and the 70-300. I can get all the kit into a Billingham Hadley, whereas my previous kit, which comprised an Olympus OM1 and a set of Pro lenses, required my big Billingham.
I am really enjoying using the Fuji, and love the quality and the colours from the 40.2MP sensor.

I spent the week in my camper at the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club and took a few thousand images; these are two of my favourites:

‘A Misty Night in Bridlington’

We went to the Forum in Bridlington on Wednesday evening and watched Bikeriders starring Tom Hardy. It’s a film based on Danny Lyon’s photobook about a bike gang in the 1960s. I saw a copy of the book from 1968 selling for £1,750 at Peter Harrington’s in London. If you can get to see the film, I recommend you do. It was a surreal evening for us, as the three of us were the only audience. As we sat in the reclining leather armchairs it was like a private viewing for the cost of three tickets (£24). We really enjoyed the film. When we came out at around 8 pm there was a heavy sea mist, so I headed for the beach with my X100VI.

‘Morning Sunrise Over Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club’

The following morning, around 5 am, I pulled the camper blind down, and the room filled with a golden glow. I looked out and saw what looked like a falling sun, or was it reaching for the heavens? I reached for the Fuji X-T50 and the 70-300mm and captured a series of images. I was impressed with how the camera handled the colour temperature and recorded what I saw.

I have enjoyed using the Olympus equipment for the last twelve years, although over that time I have owned a number of Fuji X100 cameras and the very first digital camera I owned was the Fuji S1 Pro back in around 2000. I think I am going to enjoy these two current Fuji cameras.

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