Cameracraft Workshops

With Stewart Wall

Good cameracraft is important : Creativity is everything

  1. Capturing high-quality images: Good camera craft enables photographers to capture images that are sharp, well-composed, and properly exposed. This is essential for producing high-quality images that meet the standards of today’s photography.
  2. Creativity and artistic expression: When a photographer has good camera craft skills, they are able to use their equipment to create unique and interesting images that showcase their creativity and artistic vision.
  3. Efficiency and productivity: Good camera craft skills allow photographers to work efficiently and productively, reducing the time and effort needed to capture and process images.
  4. Consistency: Consistent camera craft skills ensure that the photographer can consistently produce high-quality images that meet the expectations of their clients.
  5. Competitions and Assessments: Photographs that evidence good cameracraft skills and creativity are more likely to do better in competitions, gain awards and have more chance of success at assessment for Creative Industry Degree Courses / submissions to the Royal Photographic Society/MPA/BIPP.
    Most importantly, it is about making photography enjoyable.

Having good camera craft skills is crucial for any photographer who aims to produce high-quality images, unleash their creativity, and build an impressive portfolio.

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to create a portfolio of ten images that demonstrate your new cameracraft skills

What you will gain from attending our Cameracraft Workshops

To ensure maximum involvement and personalised attention, each of our cameracraft workshops, whether conducted in-person or virtually, is limited to just six attendees. Led by Stewart, our workshops focus on building core photography skills, with a focus on understanding camera settings and how they can be used to improve the quality of your photos.

Throughout the workshop, you will have ample opportunity to put your newly acquired skills to the test by creating ten high-quality images. These images can be used to build an impressive portfolio or to impress competition judges / assessors.

Our workshops are perfect for both newcomers to photography and experienced photographers looking to brush up on their skills. They are designed to be both educational and enjoyable, and are available in both in-person and virtual formats via Zoom.

The Tutor: Stewart Wall

Stewart brings a wealth of professional experience and academic knowledge to both his workshops and one2one mentoring sessions. With over 45 years of professional experience, a BA (hons) from the University of Lincolnshire, a Masters Degree in Photography from the University of Hertfordshire, and a Level 7 PGCE teaching qualification from the University of Hull, he is well-equipped to help you elevate your cameracraft skills and create impactful and interesting images.

Stewart has taught cameracraft and photobook design skills to photographers of all levels, from beginner to professional, for many years. He has also assessed Licentiate Distinctions for the Royal Photographic Society and played a key role in establishing the society’s Photobook Distinction genre, serving as its chair for the first two years. For almost ten years, he has managed the RPS East Midlands Region, and in 2021, the RPS awarded him the prestigious Fenton Medal for his contributions, making him an Honourary Life Member.

With his vast experience and knowledge, Stewart is dedicated to helping you develop new skills and ideas about photography that will stay with you long after you have attended his workshops or one2one mentoring sessions.

A Great Day Out / Make New Friends

Our cameracraft workshops are designed to be enjoyable and engaging, fostering new friendships among attendees. Whether conducted in-person or virtually via Zoom, our small group format ensures an intimate and personalized experience. We strive to keep our prices competitive and affordable, making our workshops accessible to all.

Feedback from some past attendees

Mary from Norfolk: Stewart proved to be a great tutor and created a nice environment that made me feel comfortable. I was a real beginner

Steve from Spain: I zoomed in for the day from my caravan on the Costa del Sol which is where I live for most of the year. I love photography but I was really struggling with my camera before attending one of Stewart’s workshops. I enjoyed the virtual day so much I am now trying to pursuade Stewart to come over and teach on location here!

Trevour from London: I attended one of Stewart’s street photography cameracraft workshops. Some tutors have advised me to use one lens and one aperture/shutterspeed for street photography, but Stewart’s workshop introduced me to many different ways of making street photography. I feel like I can make images like Steve McCurry now and I am now enjoying my photography so much more.

Sasha from Nottingham: My husband bought me a camera for Christmas and took me to his cameraclub to learn how to use it, but I got so confused, and used to stick to my cameraphone. I noticed that as well as having been a professional photographer, Stewart was also a qualified teacher so decided to attend one of his workshops. His teaching was so easy to follow and now I use the camera all the time. Last month I won a a club competition, my first, and I so proud. I am going to buy a workshop with Stewart for my husband I think.

Joyce from Lincoln: My memory is not good, and sometimes I struggle to keep up with what people are saying, but at the start of the workshop Stewart gave us all a little book that he has created about cameracraft that he then guided us through. He let us keep the book and that has helped me remember everything we did during the day. I really enjoyed the whole experience. I was a teacher all my working life, Stewart is a great teacher and helped me enjoy my photography so much. I don’t go to cameraclubs or anything, but I love taking photographs of my grandchildren and I made a calender of my images for my family this year.


Dates for workshops will be published by the end of March 2023

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