Earache and the Diary in Felixstowe

Felixstowe whispers,
Paws guide humans on the sand,
Dog’s duty embraced

I enjoyed using the little Ricoh GRIII Diary over the Christmas break, especially during a short trip to Felixstowe whilst I had a really painful ear infection.

We were visiting family in Ipswich and my right ear had been giving me grief. I had phoned my own surgury and the practice nurse sent me a prescription for a spray over the internet. I also registered at a local doctors as a temporary patient and they said they would phone me later in the day. I popped over to Felixtowe to meet the others and whilst I waited for them I went for a wander with the Diary.

I am still getting used to the ‘Diary’, but I was quite pleased with these.The Derby Road Ipswich doctors phone me back in the afternoon, having arranged for me to see a doctor in Pinewood, the otherside of the town, and the doctor there prescribed the antibiotic. The Indian Chemist who I then went to was amazed and said people normally struggled to get registered as a temporary patient. I felt very lucky.

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