Number 3 Bus to Cleethorpes

Lunch at Steels
On March 5th I led a Photo Day for the Royal Photographic Society, where ten photographers from all over the region travelled to Grimsby and Cleethorpes to create photography about the achitecture, life in the archecture, and the local food and drink.
Our day started at the Yarborough Hotel, a Wetherspoons. How to W do it? I had a small breakfast and a refillable coffee for £3.29! For a fiver one of the group had a mountain of a breakfast.
Grimsby is know as a ‘Food Town’. Our resident RPS East Midlands ‘David Hockney’, the Admiral Tony Fisher looked forward to some cake.
Waiting for the Number 3 bus at Stop D Grimsby's Rivers head bus stops
We caught the Number 3 bus from Grimsby Town Centre for a short ride to Freeman Street where we hopped off to photograph the architecture and life of this famous road. We visited the market as well.

It was then back onto the next number 3 to Cleethorpes Pier. Maggie got chatting to the locals, whilst John checked his work.
Some of us didn’t quite make it to the Pier stop though, as I pointed out Comley Cameras, one of only a few independant camera shops left in the country now. We felt we had to visit and jumped off a stop early.

Mark, who owns the shop was on hand to help us out with the new equipment that we could not live without!
Whilst we boys played with the toys at Comleys, Maggie was already at work creating what I expect will be amazing photography.
To be fair, having watched all the RPS East Midlands Photographers at work, I expect when the images start to come through for the Event Photobook there will be amazing work for all.

Richard looked the business as he scouted the area.


I did! And someone ordered ‘JUMBO’ fish and chips.
I promised to keep his identity secret since he did not want the fame!
After lunch we had more time for photography, and then it was to the Cleethorpes Railway Station to catch the train back to Grimsby Railway Station
We finished the day back at the Wetherspoons where we had started. The general concensus was that it had been a great day and everyone wanted to come back for more of Grimsby and Cleethorpes!

Now, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s work and making the traditional RPS East Midlands Event Photobook.

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