Streets of Nottingham Photobook

This 72 page FutureHeritage A5 photobook/zine features the work of eleven photographers from the Royal Photographic Society East Midlands Region who all met up in Nottingham on March 31st 2023 to photograph life on the streets.

The Photographers Photo – Essays:

Pg   4    Navigating the City by Jan Gray
Pg 10    City Reflections by Mervyn Mitchell
Pg 16    A Theatre Called Nottingham  by Richard Hall
Pg 22    The Eyes of Nottingham  by Tony Fisher
Pg 28    I See You by Graeme Reynolds
Pg 34    A Feast With A View by Sara Miller
Pg 40    Look The Other Way by Gordon Brown
Pg 46    The Story Is In The Detail by Rob Hill
Pg 52    The Colours of Nottingham by Judy Hicks
Pg 58    Nottingham Under Brollies by David Hicks
Pg 64    Eyes of Melancholy by Stewart Wall

Each set of images gives a unique view of contemporary life on a given day in the same place.

Comments from the photographers

Graeme Renolds: it’s arrived! I’m absolutely thrilled with it. Have just spent a most enjoyable hour looking through the Streets of Nottingham photobook. What has really struck me is that we all walked the same streets, on the same day, in the same weather, and we all came away with very different images. We were all looking at the same scenes, but each saw different things!
Gordon Brown: I received the book yesterday and I am impressed what a great range of interesting and high quality images
Jan Gray: Just received the book in the post Many thanks for putting it altogether. It looks great
Rob Hill: Fascinating how others interpreted things – and how everything feels a bit familiar – I guess we all covered similar ground. I like the format / size and can already picture a bookshelf with a dozen or so of these books on it. loved the experience and the book – and will come along to as many future events as I can.
Tony Fisher: Book looking great and thanks for all.
Sara Miller: It’s so good to see the work of fellow photographers and their interpretation of our day out. There are so many great photos, I shall be showing off the book at our next in person camera club meeting and to anyone else I can pin down!
Judy Hicks: We found the day interesting and enjoyed it very much and we shared the book with various members of our walking group and they are very enthusiastic.
Richard Hall: I’m not a street photographer, but taking part in the project enabled me to work independently on the brief and in the company of fellow photographers to complete a project. The work of the photographers, although very different, has been expertly edited by Stewart Wall, and a cohesive photobook was produced that shows our work in a positive and meaningful way. A good day.
Stewart Wall: I love running these photobook projects. This has proven to be an amazing project and I am really pleased with the photobook. Everyone created great sets of images. Thank you.

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