Brutalist Architecture

I’ve spent the last five years studying brutalism architecture after coming across it when I led a day’s photography at Sheffield’s Park Hill ‘Streets in the Sky.

During this lecture I argue there is a lot more to brutalism than big lumps of concrete, there are complete, intended ways of life entwined with home and industry, and architects .

To understand more about brutalism and utopian ‘machines for living’ I’ve so far completed two studies, a BA (hons) and an MA, and I am about to start a PhD.

The Talk

The talk is full of images that I have taken over the last five years. During the talk I look at:

  • how to feel safe, and be safe on the streets whilst photographing brutalist architecture
  • best equipment to use
  • best technique
  • creating more impactful images by researching
  • the genius loci of the masters of photographers of brutalist architecture
  • how to find your ‘genius loci’

If you wish to book either the lecture or workshop for your club or society please call Stewart on 0795 512 4000 or email at

 Kind words of feedback

“Just to say thank you for the great day I had on our club Walkabout day with yourself in Grimsby.  I found your introduction in the morning most interesting and encouraging to get out there and have a go”…. Janina

“I would just like say what a really enjoyable day you put on for us all” Mike

“I found your pre-talk highly informative and feedback given to the other participants was very constructive.

I think the amount of time given for shooting was about right and given the weather, we were incredibly lucky.

Group sizes were spot on as we were all able to take a variety of shots, with each member of each group having similar shots but often with a different interpretation” Jo

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