The Self-confessed Fuji X100 YoYo off to LCE

Off to LCE Lincoln to see the Fuji X100VI
I’m taking the Ricoh GRIII Diary to Lincoln Camera Exchange today to meet the Fuji X100VI. LCE are hosting a Fuji day and taking us up the hill (by bus I hope) to the Cathedral for some photography.
Amateur Photography have just published an article about the Fuji and the Ricoh
Amateur Photography has just published an article where they mention that the Ricoh is an alternative for the Fuji, but suggest the Ricoh’s Jpg renditions are no where near as good as Fuji. For me, I htink the deciding factor is the lack of viewfinder on the Ricoh!

I have had the Ricoh for a few months now, and it really is a marvellous camera, but I do miss the viewfinder. Of course you could have two Ricohs, one with the 28mm lens and the other with the 35mm for around the same cost as a Fuji. The question then is whether the 35mm fixed lens on the Fuji is a good compromise over have two lenses.
Click here to read the Amateur Photography Article

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