The Self-confessed Fuji X100 YoYo

Colchester North Hill 12th January 2012 Fuji X100
Fuji X100 Colchester North Hill 12th January 2012

I am next on the list for a Fuji X100VI

Fuji x100 Cleethorpes Prom 2nd January 2012
Fuji X100 London 2nd February 2012

Since Fuji introduced the X100 I have bought a number of them, then sold them, each time returning to the Olympus OMD Micro Four Thirds. I even had bought and sold the Fuji X100V twice!

The images on this post were taken in 2012 with the original X100, and thinking back I enjoyed using it so much I can’t work out why I did not just keep with the system, other than feeling the Olympus linked me to my teenage years when I loved the OM1. But now things have changed in the Olympus camp, and the brand is no more …….. it is now OM Systems!

So, I am back on the Fuji trail, and I have the new Fuji X100VI on back order, and I am told by LCE Lincoln I am next in line!!!

In the meantime I am revisiting images I took with the previous models, and watching the 2012 Youtube (see below)

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