Photobook Workshops

Create Photobooks Like a Professional

With Stewart Wall

Our Photobook Workshops do the following:

  1. Capturing high-quality images: how to develop a robust and meaningful concept for a photobook. Stewart will share with you how professionals identify their core message, define their target audience, and weave together images and text in a coherent and impactful way. Through Stewart’s guidance, participants learn how to translate their creative vision into a photobook that tells a compelling story and resonates with their readers.
  2. Finding and disseminating your photobook’s narrative: Stewart Wall is an expert in developing the narrative for a photobook, and he can guide you through the process of crafting a story that resonates with your audience. He will teach you how to create a strong and cohesive narrative that takes readers on a journey and evokes emotions. Furthermore, he can show you how to present your narrative in a way that is easily understood by your audience, using a combination of powerful images and clear, concise text. With his guidance, you can create a photobook that engages and captivates your audience.
  3. Creating a Sequence: The sequence of a photobook is crucial to its success, and Stewart Wall has mastered the art of creating a flow that captivates the reader. He can share his secrets on how to design a sequence that enhances the story and keeps the reader engaged. With his guidance, you can learn how to organize your images and text in a way that creates a natural and compelling progression. By the end of the process, you’ll have a photobook that not only looks beautiful but also tells a story with a smooth and enjoyable flow.
  4. Using Desktop Publishing Software: Since the 1990s, Stewart has worked with various software programs, including Quark and Adobe Indesign, before switching to Affinity Publisher, which he considers an excellent and cost-effective software option. Through his courses, whether in-person or online via zoom, he shares his knowledge and teaches aspiring photographers how to use these professional software tools to create visually stunning photobooks.
  5. Submitting work to printers: After creating a fantastic design for your photobook, the printer you choose can make or break the final product. Stewart emphasises the importance of selecting the right printer and shares his own preferred printing services during his courses. He provides insights into why he trusts these particular printers and how to ensure that the colors in your photobook are accurate when it’s printed. With his guidance, you can avoid any potential printing mishaps and ensure that your photobook turns out exactly as you envision it.

The Tutor: Stewart Wall

In 2021, The Royal Photographic Society enlisted Stewart Wall’s expertise to establish the criteria for a new genre of photobooks, which had been challenging to launch in the past. Using his extensive professional and academic experience, he successfully created the necessary framework, and was subsequently asked to lead a team of assessors and oversee the assessments for the first two years. During this period, several notable photobooks, including Daz Smith’s ‘I’m Dreaming of Black and White’, Fiona McCowan’s ‘In the Offing’, and Simon Ciappara’s ‘The Incomplete Circle,’ received acclaim.

Feedback from some past workshop attendees

Bill B: Thank you for such an excellent course

Carol H. A great course, I learn so much

Ian W: Many thanks  Stewart – you put so much effort in to make it a success – ‘going the extra mile’ doesn’t cover it – much appreciated – lots of ground covered – not just (or even mostly) about book-making. I thought I knew a lot about photobooks until I heard you talking about them.

Francis S: Thanks Stewart for running this workshop. I feel I can now get my head down and work on a photobook

Heloise B: That’s was a really great course, thank you!

Phil S: Thank you Stewart, very useful class and well presented.

Alan H: Really enjoyed the course

Maggie J: Many thanks for an interesting and informative course. I’ve got a documentary type book waiting in the wings so I now feel ready to complete.