An online talk about Social Documentary Street Photography

A talk about engaging with Street photography and beyond

The first photograph I ever took when I started work on a newspaper in 1978 was on the street. I was still technically a school boy when I started, but I soon forgot studying as I enjoyed press photography more.

On my first day the chief photographer sent me out to get a photograph of something in Brentwood, he did not care what. I came back with an image of lads having a snowball fight, which the editor used on the front page.

Right from that first day I was covering all sorts of jobs including a talk by Enoch Powell which was at Billericay’s Archer Hall in June 1978. I remember going home and asking my dad what the talk was all about (Powell was referring to his Rivers of Blood speech) but he did not want to be drawn into a conversation about it. I was hooked and I had discovered my personal genius loci.

There is much more to street photography than photographing demonstrations

There is much more to street photography than photographing demonstrations, or even just working on the street. It is more about how you approach your photography.

During this 90 minute talk we will look at different styles of street photography, which will include looking at a number of  photographers who had a variety of approaches both in content and technical approach. We will also look at my work and I will explain how I go about creating it.

After a 35 year career in photography I decided to research Street Photography and was awarded a BA (Hons) in photography from Lincoln University and a Masters in Visual Communication from The University of Hertfordshire. In 2020 I begin a PhD in Fine Art using Street Photography as a research methodology to look at developing resilient communities.

Whether you just curious about street photography, dabble in it, or spend you life doing it, this talk could help you discover your personal genius loci.

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