The Kasbah to Central Hall

A 2hr Photographic Talk about Contemporary Photography

At 6.30am I started the upload of a book I had designed showing a photo essay I had created for a degree I was just finishing as a very mature student.

Then, 20 minutes later I switched on the BBC News to find they were playing a news bulletin about the same Kasbah I had photographed which was on Grimsby Fish Dock, and locals were saying they had never heard of it! I wondered if I had made a monumental error.

During this 2 hour talk I explain how I gained access to an area the local port owners restricted access to, and how I linked the Kasbah to the Central Hall a mile away. Central Hall was built in 1934 as part of a Methodist Church incentive which saw 100 similar buildings created throughout the country and where the Grimsby building is one of only 16 left working in a similar way to when it was built.