The Art of the Selfie I Anastasia Potekhina talks to Stewart Wall of the Royal Photographic Society

A few weeks before Anastasia Potekhina ‘zoomed’ into RPS East Midlands to talk about her photography she had been made an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society after submitting a body of work to their Contemporary Genre. In the audience was one of the assessors, Ray Spence who during the talk I invited to talk about Anastasia’s Statement of Intent and her photography. This was a unique experience for a successful applicant in the RPS distinctions since successful applicants do not normally receive feedback as to why their submission received the green card.

Anatasia’s submission was a selection of her self-portraits, which she creates from being inspired by the forms and shapes inherent in the surrounding objects of the space she finds herself in. She spoke of her desire to seamlessly integrate into and become a part of that surrounding space. Her images are not just selfies as we know them to be. Despite her images having a deceptive appearance of collages, she told us that each photograph stands as a single-shot. Her ‘seeing’ and creativity is quite amazing. 

It was quite obvious talking to Anatasia that she derives immense satisfaction from the process, where the interplay of shadows and reflections weaves intricate labyrinths within and across her work. With over a decade of experience in photography, she has actively participated in numerous exhibitions. Below, is the video of the meeting where you can hear Anatasia talk to me about her work in front of an audience of members and guests of the Royal Photographic Society via zoom

The video is a recording from a meeting held in November 2023 where Stewart Wall talked with Anastasia Potekhina about her photography practice and her submission of work to the Contemporary Genre of the Royal Photographic Society Distinctions in October 2023 which was successful

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