Stewart Wall: Documentary street and landscape photographer, tutor and lecturer
The Power of Project Photography and Photo-books

Stewart Wall has been a professional photographer since 1978 when he trained as a press photographer on a local newspaper before working for Fleet Street dailies.

Even though he moved into other fields of photography, which included sports, portraits, weddings, and commercial photography his love of the story-telling documentary style photography that his press photography taught stayed with him. He now spends about half his time on the streets and in heritage landscapes creating new photography projects that document what the world looks like now, which he publishes in photo-book form via the publishers ‘Future Heritage’ and half his time teaching other photographers the skills he has developed over nearly half a century.


You can view Stewart’s portrait and wedding photography by clicking here

You can view Stewart’s documentary street and landscape photography by clicking here

Photography Workshops and Events
Written by Stewart Wall MA ARPS

Camercraft Workshops Taught By A Professional Photographer

Creative Cameracraft Workshops With Stewart Wall Good cameracraft is important : Creativity is everything Capturing high-quality images: Good camera craft enables photographers to capture images that are sharp, well-composed, and properly exposed. This is essential for producing high-quality images that meet the standards of today’s

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Photobook Workshops
Written by Stewart Wall MA ARPS

Photobook Workshops and Mentoring

Photobook Workshops and Mentoring . Thank you for your interest in my Photobook Workshops and Mentoring. I am just finalising the dates for 2023 and to make sure you are one of the first to hear them, please subscribe to my newsletter [sibwp_form id=1] Previous

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Past Events and Projects
Written by Stewart Wall MA ARPS

FutureHeritage: Sheffield March 1st 2023

Photography Workshops . Street and Social Documentary Photography Workshop : Sheffield March 1st 2023 Previous Next Creating Powerful Projects Using Street Photography and Social Documentary Approaches Sheffield is a City evolving from being a Northern Powerhouse of the Industry Revolution to a Innovative Centre for

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