Visualising the Peri-urban Interface (2022)


An A4 hardbacked book created during the Covid Pandemic a group of photographers from all over England and Europe created work on a similar theme that shows different styles of the peri-urban interface

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Visualising the Peri-urban Interface 2022

A4 Landscape 230 pages
Perfect Bound
Hardback cover
150gm silk inner pages
Full Colour

If you are interested in Architecture, Landscapes and the Built Environment Photography this book might well give you some great ideas about how different photographers create different photography of the same subject and project.

During the pandemic Stewart Wall organised a project which included photographers from all over England and from Europe in collaboration between his photobook company Future Heritage and the Royal Photographic Society. Each photographer’s task was to interpret the Peri-urban interface, which is generally thought of as land between the built environment and where nature and the rural landscape takes over again. The book demonstrates the many different approaches creative photographers employ to create project photography about the same theme.

Thirty-eight  photographers involved were:

Stewart Wall
David Baxter
Margaret Beardsmore
Andre Bergman
Malc Brown
Nicky Callis
Ange Edwards
Anthony Fisher
Howard Fisher
Jackie Fisher
Richard Hall
Pamela Harridine
Glynis Harrison
Robert Herringshaw
Andy Houghton
Steff Hutchinson
Sue Hutton
Wendy Irwin
Armondo Jongejan
Andrew King
Robert Lavers
Ellie Lilly
Nick Linnett
John Marris
Sue McGilveray
Mervyn Mitchell
Carol Olerud
Peter Roworth
Paul Schot
Philip Singleton
Wendy Stanton
Andy Thorpe
David Travis
Brian Vollar
Tim Walter
Heather Nelson
Mark Wheeler
Michelle Yates

The book is ideal for anyone interested in knowing more about creating project photography or would make a super gift to anyone interested in the same.