Rethinking the way we live

Today is May 10th, living within the Covid-19 pandemic has become a way of life for many of us. Many are on the front line, such as nurses and delivery people, and others are living a life of lock down.

Last night, Boris our leader urged us to ‘be alert’ since despite the number of deaths are dropping we must not become complacent, he demanded social distancing must go on.

I’ve been thinking about an article Claire Brady had published on the online newspaper, Bioregional back in March where she wrote that she “was in awe of how organisations have overhauled the working patterns, their objectives and even their business model in a matter of days”.

I think many of us are currently thinking about the same things that Claire wrote that scientists and Bioregional have been focused on a “happier, healthier and more sustainable way of life for a a quarter of a century. But during that time all I can think of, is trying to earn a living as a professional photographer amongst massive competition, I do not think I am unusual.

Stephanie Dale of Caistor Arts and Heritage. Photograph by Stewart Wall 0795 512 4000

Over the weekend I went for a stroll around my home town of Caistor and met a number of people out social distancing whilst remembering VE day 75 years ago. Stephanie Dale is the centre manager for Caistor Arts and Heritage and said she thought a lot of people would be reconsidering how they had lived their life before the pandemic lock down and would hesitate about rushing back to their old ways, which I guess many of referred to as a ‘rat race’.