East End of London

On April 23rd I had great fun leading a Ginko Slow Photobook Street Photography Workshop for some members of the RPS London along the Streets of London. I asked the attendees afterwards what they thought, and they all enjoyed the experience of ‘slowing down’ on the streets.

Ginko: A walk through nature observing.

It has been a while since I have walked in London with my camera, and I could see many changes, for example there was a lot more ‘glass’ buildings, food on the move, and bikes, bikes everywhere since my last visit.

I travelled in from Peterborough, and went underground to Liverpool Street from Kings Cross, an easy journey. Then a few stops on the bus and I got off and walked to the Espacio Gallery on Bethnal Green Road where the London region of the Royal Photographic Society had an exhibition of 108 images by 108 photographers, ably curated by Judy and David Hicks and their team.

RPS members Hogarth, Fred, David, Michael and Suzanna joined me for the workshop and after a briefing we set off. We turned right and then left into Brick Lane, then after a whils turned left to head to Grimsby Street and then to Weavers Field before returning to the gallery. The walk was about 2km long, but we saw all sorts of life occuring, as the photographs show. I was amazed at how everyone just got on with life, and civilians walked around the photographers. A great day out. Now, I will design another in the series of Ginko book with images from all the photographers complete with haiku poetry inspired by the images