Photo-haiku – One Figure in Solitude

hill of solitude
hold a moments rest alone
connect forever

I drove to Lincoln to pick up my daughter and her boyfriend who were at their friend’s birthday meal at a place called Wildwood. I parked in St Martin’s Square, and listened to the sounds of the natural habitat, the party goers before deciding to walk with the Ricoh Diary away from the noise.

I remember being amazed at the silence just a few hundred yards away from the Christmas parties and stopped to take St Cuthbert’s Court with the blue Cathedral in the background and the blue door in the foreground. Luck played a tune and a chef stepped out of his kitchen for a rest in 2023 style, aka ‘check messages on phone’.His moment of solitude inspired the haiku part of this photo-haiku series, I call it a series because as I wandered around for 20 minutes I looked for images with just one figure in solitude.

Are we ever alone? Have we swopped the solitude of rest for a mobile phone?

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