The Journal of The Royal Photographic Society Drops in with a Smile

The May/June 2023 Jounal of the Royal Photographic Society

This morning, I had a delightful experience that I haven’t felt in a long time. I received the latest edition of the ‘Journal of The Royal Photographic Society’ through my letterbox and decided to take a quick flick through its pages. At first glance, I knew that this journal was different, and I needed to take my time to digest its contents fully.

As I delved into the journal, I came across an opening article about the new CEO, Dan Jones. To my surprise, we shared a common interest in the interjection of technology and heritage. During our meeting a few months ago in Bristol, Jones also revealed that he uses Olympus OM equipment, another interest that we share.

What struck me most about the journal was its focus on the works of its members and upcoming photographers. I was impressed by the works of a 23-year-old British photojournalist, Luke Dray, who is currently working in Uganda, and 19-year-old Cal Cole, who has been winning numerous accolades for their travel photography.

Moreover, the journal featured several excellent articles about distinctions, including two by Hazel Frost on licentiate awards. One particularly captivating article was written by Mark Reeves of the RPS Landscape Group, entitled ‘Degree Show’. It was not about a university degree, but rather a project by one of the members about the places where latitude and longitude intersect.

Although I had to put the journal down to attend to work, I’m looking forward to spending a few hours later today with this captivating publication.